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WATCH Spineless New Jersey Rep. Attacking Your Healthcare


Sam Conver covers Rep. Tom MacArthur’s (R-NJ) Town Hall, where constituents voiced their opposition to the House Republican’s healthcare bill. While this event took place on May 10, 2017, our healthcare system is still in jeopardy. The Senate is now drafting their own legislation to replace the already-passed and wildly unpopular draft by the House. We encourage more individuals to stand up to those they’ve elected into office, as so many have forgotten that they are here to serve the needs of their constituents, and not the needs of their wealthy donors–Tom MacArthur alone has taken over $100,000 from the healthcare industry. We NEED universal healthcare coverage. Reach out to your elected officials and make your voice heard. Follow these links to contact your Representatives and Senators.

Review live coverage of the event here and here.

Footage edited by Cee Curtis.