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Voices of Hope at The People’s Summit


Theresa Joy covers The 2017 People’s Summit, which took place June 9-11 in Chicago, IL. Featuring (among others) Sen. Nina Turner, Erica Nanton, Josh Fox, Amy Goodman of Standing Rock, Lashaya Darisaw of Flint, Our Revolution, Draft Bernie, Judith LeBlanc of Standing Rock, Congressman Hon. Ro Khanna, and Bernie Sanders.


  1. Great job, Theresa! I hope Truth Against the Machine takes off. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

    • Karl, Thanks so much for the kind words and support. We will do our best to bring the truth to the people.

  2. I dont know how to say this but the indication I get is that all the great causes discussed in the Peoples Summit are under attack in trade deals which subsume national laws. And that meks the whole thing more than a liittle bit surreal. And I am trying not to get angry here.

    I wrote a long screed here laying it out but its heartbreaking and you all would see it as something other than what it was intended to be a warning and wail to you to wake up and see that youve been lied to SHAMELESSLY to steal from you, to get you all waste your energy in the wronmg place and get taken- to not realize whats being stolen – which is your and our entire future planet. They are moving the goal posts people. To Geneva, not Washington.

    Starting in 1994, with GATS, everything changed. The US was behind this. Countries’s domestic regulations only are allowed if they do not violate the goals of the Agreement, which are primarily increasing international trade in services. Which are defined both as “Everything you cannot drop on your foot” and also the scope of the agreements is defined thus:

    “(b) ‘services’ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of
    governmental authority;

    (c) ‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.”

    So only totally free services that predate the Agreement are allowed to continue existing unchanged. We need to understrand that these agreements totally block single payer unless we “carve out” those segments from them in advance, or huge compensation will need to be paid- and that will be so expensive it wont be allowed to happen.

    Jordan, this is the real Corporate Con Job.

    No shit.

    And if you want to really challenge the system, you HAVE to challenge IT.

    And that going to mean facing something which I know is distressing because it distresses and distressed me a lot. Bernie lied. Bernie was/IS part of a cover up.

    The entire election was lies. Including the fact that Bernies and Jill Steins entire platforms (which we desperately needed/need) are OFV THE TABLE in a way which I guarantee not a single one of you really gets. in a global way, UNLESS THIS IS EXPOSED BY YOU. because YOu are the ones who are REALLY getting ripped off here and THEY KNOW IT.

    people like me are not the ones who will be acrewed the most by these changes iot will be you.

    Look at this docuument, for example. BTW, this is happening now. Here.;

    Whats being changed. Our ability to fix things, our ability toi have things work for people for us, instead whats being written into laws, carved into stone are corporate rights to healthcare.. to sell helathcare and sell water and sell insurance and sell education without government interference, and to force the governments that fall into their traps ( designed by US rememer, primarily to trap, not help, our own people) to deny them to people who cant pay.

    So, bernies entire platform being exacly what we needed, from 230 years ago, violates/violated the GATS and he neglected to bring this important fact up. Why not? because from the very beginning its clear to me HE NEVER INTENDED TO WIN.

    I cant say any mkore about this.

    So everything we need is violations of the WTO GATS and soon TiSA ideology and – they hid that completely, And are hiding it.


    Health care reform Medicare for all free college, water is life , safe energy, everything is diamatrically opposed and being stolen by trade deals and taken out of the realm people can change by creation of a defacto global government completely unaccountable to the human race, of by and for CORPORATIONS.

    If it matters ECONOMICALLY (i.e money) it is blocked by trade deals and they didnt tell us about this. Why would they?

    And you know the fact that despite this urgent situation, Bernie dropped out of the election when he needed to stay in and WIN. He’s old and wealthy and he sided with Hillary Clinton whose husband literally signed us into the WTO full knowing it was a theft on the people of the world, not an altrustic thing like they frame it as. And the worst part of it is GATS on services. You can read about GATS and health care on the Internet, just be aware that Google is hiding URLS I post. Really.

    here are two on Tisa


    Now Fast Track is there and its going to cost all of us hundreds of thousands of dollars OR MORE over our lifetimes what they plan to do. There is no way to put a nice face on it. Its a war against us. Weve been lied to and everything we take for granted can and will be taken away. That includeds homes futures health and communities. We’re going to be treated like we treat other countries. thats what we get for falling for liars and their lies. They’ll tell us what we want to hear, not the unvarnished truth.

    We have to get smart. We dont win by drinking the Kool Aid. Look at Grenfell Tower that could be any of us.

    They own the country and they want the people out. Media that help in this deception are not helping. Nor are they progressive, except in the sense WTO services liberalisation is and there the term progressive is referring to something much like a noose, (its called the ratchet) that chokes away the possibility of public services.

    the fact that the US committed to health insurancve in GATS and the entiure country has been lied to about that BY BOTH PARTIES should have people up in arms. because thats the most shameless and ugly lie from polticians in US history bar none. Similarly they are hiding the fact that they committed in 1998 to freeze financial services (the ACA and Dood Frank are being ROLLED BACK, which means that none of the promises they are making will be kept. They are laughing at us, all of them.

  3. Hey Chris I’m aware of the negativity surrounding The Peoples Summit. That is one of the reasons I thought it was important to make this piece. There was alot of power at the summit. Real people networking, joining forces. What a gift for all of us to be brought together in the same place. No matter what kind of corruption is going on we can always find the strength and truth in the people. Not the corporations, not the political parties, not the institutions, but the people, like you and me and the people in this video who are on the ground fighting the fight. That is something we need to remember “people power” is not just a cliche term. It’s the greatest Power we have at this point. The people in this video are making real changes. As far as Bernie, I guess we’re on different pages because I still believe in him but I will read all the information that you posted here. Thanks

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