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TYT Reporter Jordan Chariton Arrested Live in St. Louis Streets


The St. Louis Police Department kettled-in and arrested dozens of people who shut down highways 40 and 64 on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd. Jordan Chariton, the founder of Truth Against The Machine and an investigative journalist with The Young Turks, was arrested on the scene with his cameraman Ty Bayliss and a dozen other reporters and legal observers.

Graceanne Parks of TATM News Reports on the Breaking News of Jordan and Ty’s Arrests:

To see the arrest, watch this livestream (the arrests begin at around minute 40)

In September, St. Louis, MO took a common badge of shame among American cities. Jason Stockley, a police officer, shot a 24-year-old black man named Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. He is recorded saying that he would kill Smith as he pursued him in a three-minute car chase. He shot him repeatedly through the window of the car after they were stopped. The protests erupted when he was found not guilty six years later. Their request is that the police stop killing black men.

There have been several protests since the acquittal with peaceful events, sporadic violence and hundreds of arrests. This murder, acquittal, uprising pattern has taken root across the country, from Ferguson to Baltimore.

After the police announced that everybody present would be arrested, they blocked the protesters in from all sides and advanced slowly, this is called kettling. The protesters linked arms and faced the police. Chariton said that the police gave no dispersal orders and had not offered the protesters a route out. At one point, he said reasonably jovially, “They’ve said they’re going arrest everybody, I guess that could mean me.”

At around 25 minutes into the TYT livestream, a man wearing a superman hoodie begins to chant, “We don’t get no peace because of y’all, y’all won’t get no peace because of me.” Chariton listened to a few refrains and then engaged the TYT audience, “The guy who’s on the megaphone right now, he’s a State Representative, his name’s Bruce Franks. That is what representing your people looks like.”    

Soon after, Franks tweeted this:

In the newscast, Chariton mentioned that a lot of independent media were present. He gave a shout out to Rebolutionary Z and STLtoday. It is obviously horrifying that in 2017 American journalists are being arrested covering marches, but there is positivity in the fact that these protests in St. Louis received coverage from sources without corporate agendas. There were a dozen media people close enough to the action of the protest that they were arrested.

The St. Louis cops had arrested a Getty photojournalist when they kettled in a group a fortnight ago on Sunday, September 17. Since the protests began on September 15 about 200 people have been arrested for peaceful protests with sporadic vandalism.

We will update this story when we have more information about Chariton, Bayliss, or the other arrestees.


Update: Bruce Franks has been released.

Marquis Ealy of TATM News Gives an Update on the Day After the Arrest:

Update on Jordan and Ty’s Release From Jail:

TATM News heard from Jordan Chariton at around 4:30pm EST on October 4th. He and Ty Bayliss have been released. Jordan reports that those detained were without food and water for extended periods of time. There were also cases of medication being withheld from those who needed it.

Here’s Jordan’s Report for TYT Politics:

We have reached out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for comment on the arrests of journalists and protesters and will update if they return our request.

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