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Trump’s First 100 Days: 100 Stories The Corporate Media Ignored




East Chicago’s Lead Crisis Is Part of War Against the Poor
The lack of government action in poverty-stricken East Chicago demonstrates that city officials’ compassion becomes sparse in low-income neighborhoods.

What Happened To The $100 Million For Flint?
Many people across the country have read headline after headline that Flint has been granted hundreds of millions from the state and federal government; however, fewer than 800 pipes have been replaced since the discovery of the lead-tainted water. Promises of grant money to Flint have been as empty as residents’ bank accounts while they STILL pay high rates for poisoned water.

Corporate Media Ignoring Toxic Nuclear Mess
Residents of St. Louis have been living on top of illegally-disposed nuclear waste, just a mile and a half from the Missouri River. An underground fire threatens to disperse the toxic waste into the air with its smoke and poison residents for miles. However, the superfund site would cost many millions to clean up, and the corporations responsible aren’t willing to shell out the money, instead choosing to be complicit in an impending disaster.

Florida Republicans Lead Fight to Ban Fracking Statewide
Republican State Senator Dana Young introduced a bill that would ban fracking in Florida, upstaging state Democrats who claim to be environmentally conscious. America and its water needs all the help it can get, whether the source is red or blue.

Flint Resident: The Only Thing That Is Getting Filtered Are Our Voices
At a TYT-hosted Town Hall in Flint, residents vented their frustrations about the government’s lack of intervention, and the media’s lack of coverage, over the Water Crisis that has been enduring for three years. Many brought blood test results and descriptions of symptoms that they and their loved ones have been subject to–including rashes, seizures, miscarriages, and early-onset arthritis.

Onondaga Nation Skeptical of Faulty Cleanup Plan
Onondaga Lake was and still is severely polluted. Raw sewage and industrial waste poured into the water source for decades. The state’s plan to clean the lake has comprised of dredging (some) of the lake and depositing a two-foot buffer of sand and dirt over (some) of the lake bottom. Decontaminating toxic lakes is not something to skimp on.

FL Mayor Openly Lies About Water Quality Scandal
Pembroke Pines City Mayor Frank Oritz claimed that “everything is fine” with the city’s water, even though the high TTHM levels discovered in the water triggered a $2,250 fine from the state Health Department, and a required letter of notification to all Pembroke Pines residents. TTHMs are carcinogenic toxins that are severely under-regulated by the EPA, as they pose no “immediate threat.”

New Flint Water Plan Put Investors Over People
The KWA pipeline is one of the buzzwords that citizens of Flint associate with corruption, privatization, and poison. In mid-April, city and state officials announced that while Flint would buy its water from Detroit, the KWA still has a commanding hold on water resources in the region; its brand-new pipeline to Lake Huron caused the mess in Flint. Even though residents are still being poisoned, money is still on the minds of Michigan officials.

Is Flint-Like Water Disaster Headed to South Florida?
North Miami Beach officials voted to privatize their water system against their constituents’ protests– selling out to CH2M, the company that managed the TTHM-riddled water system of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Privatization of water is a BAD idea–it’s what sparked the crisis in Flint. It proves that yet again, America’s governing bodies consistently put profits over people.

3 Questions to Ask When Investigating Local Water Issues
It seems a little sad that individuals in the “greatest country on earth” have to worry about the quality of a basic necessity like water, but with all the horror stories across America of dirty drinking water, it’s imperative that residents become activists, for their own safety and the safety of their families. Actions speak louder than words, and government officials have acted as though clean water isn’t a right.



Anatomy Of An Oligarchy
While in office, President Obama banned internet service providers from selling user information to third parties without permission, but Congress recently voted to repeal that law. When one reviews the political donation history of mainstream media giants, it’s clear why–our elected officials were bought and paid-for by Telecom companies.

United States of Anywhere: How Foreign Nations Are Able to Buy Our Elections
In a 1976 decision, Buckley v. Valeo ruled that spending money is a protected form of free speech under the First Amendment. In 2010, corporations were granted the same First Amendment protections as individual citizens, thanks to Citizens United v. FEC. The decision also allowed “any foreign nation or leader with a front company becomes a ‘person’ under US law,” according to leaked emails–basically, anyone can buy America’s elections, not just American corporations. Over $17 million was spent by foreign-connected PACs in the 2016 election cycle, an influential sum of money for both political parties.

The ACLU is Drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid
The beloved American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has seen a spike in new memberships, thanks to their fights against Trump’s discriminatory agenda. However, the ACLU has historically defended Citizens United v. FEC and Buckley v. Valeo, two landmark decisions that have led to the destruction of our democracy and the rise of our oligarchy. Liberals should be aware that donations made to the ACLU cannot be allocated towards certain justice movements, so there is no way to guarantee your money will not go towards supporting money in politics.

America’s Race Hustle
The predominantly-black city of Birmingham was set to increase their minimum wage from $7.25/hour to $10.10/hour, but the predominantly-white Alabama state legislature swiftly blocked the proposed bill within 24 hours. Lawmakers went one step further and outright banned cities within the state from raising their minimum wages. 71 white lawmakers voted to block the increase and 31 voted for it; of the 31 voting for the increase, 27 were African American, and only four white lawmakers denied the status-quo.

Corporatists in Both Parties Use Identity Politics as a Shield
Our country likes to pretend we live in a democracy with two distinctly different political parties, and members of either party like to blame one another for our society’s many issues. In reality, both Republicans and Democrats are highly influenced by the same big-money corporate interests. They simply differ on certain controversial social issues, which politicians use to garner support from their bases and donors, whether they truly believe in those ideologies or not. Democrats are currently splintering, as more progressive liberals become aware of neoliberal politics portrayed by figureheads like Hillary Clinton.

DC City Council Takes On The Big Banks
The grassroots movement urging consumers to divest from big banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline made it to Washington, D.C.’s City Council. City governments often use private banks to deposit their large sums of money, but they have the option to put that money into a public bank. Progressive activists are urging the city to divest from Wells Fargo, one of the main backers of DAPL.

Forget Hillary—Baltimore Mayor Might Be New Corruption Queen
Baltimore’s City Council members recently voted to raise their minimum wage to $15/hour, a popular trend among liberal leaders. However, Baltimore’s Democratic mayor vetoed the decision, despite the bill’s popularity. It included practical solutions for citizens with concerns, including exemptions for certain small business owners. Locals claim that the mayor broke her promise to Baltimore’s working class, and they blame her ties to big business.

How did the Great Recession Affect The 1%
Americans are still trying to recover from the Great Recession–well, at least the 99% are still recovering. The top 1% of earners gained 91% of all real income between 2009 and 2012, so any gains made by the bottom 99% are statistically insignificant. The wealthiest members in our society are influencing legislation that will further destroy the middle-class and make it easier than ever for them to bounce back from future recessions.

Calling On All Maryland Progressives To Overturn Citizens United
Activists in Maryland are hoping to overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling by encouraging their lawmakers to vote on a new resolution, calling for a “convention of the states.” Individual state legislatures have the ability to bypass Congress (and their corporate donors) by calling for such a convention, and it may be the only reliable way to remove big-money interests from politics.

Jordan Chariton on Comcast Getting Away With Dodging Taxes
Media giant Comcast is in the middle of an 8-year-long tax dispute in which they owe the state of Oregon $147 million. They have plenty of money to donate to political candidates, but are not able to pay their fair share in taxes–and they’re not the only corporation getting away with tax evasion.



“BREAKING: Sabal Pipeline Is Damaged – Leak Inevitable”
Activist exposes a costly oversight in Sabal Pipeline construction that results in the re excavation of already laid pipeline in multiple locations in Florida. The rushed, shoddy unearthing of the pipeline resulted in visible scrapes and scratches on the surface of the anti corrosion coating – which was neither inspected or repaired.

Jordan’s Personal Story From #NoDAPL Little Creek Camp
Truth Against The Machine founder, Jordan Chariton, escapes the never-ending world of corruption and injustice to spend time at Little Creek Camp in Williamsburg, Iowa. The camp, which was created by Iowa water protector, Christine Nobiss, was formed to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa, which currently has several eminent domain cases against the pipeline hovering around the legal system.  

Tim Canova Exposes SHOCKING Sellout in FL
Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is conveniently quiet about the Sabal Pipeline after receiving a generous amount of money from NextEra Energy. Tim Canova speaks on the hypocrisy of Bill Nelson’s silence on his state’s pipeline.

A record number of fires is plaguing Florida, forcing Governor Rick Scott to announce a state of emergency. One of those areas is Polk County, Florida, that has been burning since February. Yet, Rick Scott has said nothing in regards to the fact that there will soon be pressurized methane gas running right through the Sabal Pipeline in that very same town.

Florida Politicians Sell Out Solar For Big Oil
TATM’s Walker Bragman breaks down the deceitful ways in which the Sabal Pipeline project paid its way into construction by having Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) parent company, NextEra, buy off 24% of the Florida House, 65% Florida Senate and 70% of Florida’s Congressional Representatives.

Sabal Pipeline To Accelerate Florida’s Climate Catastrophe
TATM’s Ruel James walks you through everything you need to know about the Sabal Pipeline and the risks it has on Floridians and their drinking water as well as the challenges awaiting Floridians due to climate change. A must watch.

Sabal Pipeline Special Segment with Guest Tim Canova
Truth Against The Machine’s special episode on the Sabal Pipeline with special guest, Tim Canova.  

FL Sen. Bill Nelson Quiet on Sabal Pipeline After Receiving Money From Energy Company
There’s a “Democratic” senator by the name of Bill Nelson who’s been in office since 2001. Bill was very vocally opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline, and publicly applauded former president, Obama, about his decision to stop it. Yet, Bill Nelson has been conveniently quiet about the Sabal Pipeline in his home state after receiving money from NextEra Energy, the company behind the Sabal Pipeline.

Is Flint-Like Water Disaster Headed to South Florida?
North Miami Beach commission decided to privatize the city water system and voted to move on to the next phase of negotiations with CH2M, the same multi-billion dollar corporation that runs Pembroke Pines’ water system–a city that was recently FINED for elevated trihalomethane (TTHM), a chemical known to cause long-term health problems. Despite push back from constituents, North Miami Beach commission unapologetically insists that privatizing their water and handing it to CH2M is in the best interest of its residents.

Will DC Be the Next City to Support #NoDAPL And Divest From Wells Fargo?
Washington DC City Council introduced a motion to cut ties with Wells Fargo.



Inmate boiled to death in shower in Florida and yet no one is responsible
Florida prosecutors have declined to prosecute guards in the death of Darren Rainey, who was boiled alive in a prison shower. They declared his death an accident and not a criminal offense, as though he locked himself into the shower room and
stayed there until his skin literally melted off.

Police Maliciously Overcharge Diamond Pipeline Protester
The Diamond Pipeline is planned to run from the Cushing oil fields in Oklahoma to the Valero Refinery in Memphis Tennessee, passing through Arkansas. Tyler Hamilton is a protester who was arrested during an act of civil disobedience against this pipeline and who has been dramatically overcharged with a felony offense. The oil company asserts that he caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by chaining himself to one of their machines, and the police accuse him of resisting arrest because they couldn’t arrest him until he was removed from the machine.

Jeff Sessions Does Not Think Your Local Police Department Is His Problem
Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General and longtime racist, is departing from long-standing DOJ policy by ordering a review of reform programs entered into by local police departments with brutality incidents and the DOJ. He explicitly stated that regulating local police isn’t the federal government’s job, which is a view that will make it even easier for police to abuse vulnerable communities if it is enshrined in official policy.

ICE agents arrested a domestic violence victim trying to get a protective order
Trump’s anti-immigrant policies have led to numerous terrible consequences, one of the most immoral being how undocumented domestic abuse victims have been forced to choose between continued abuse and deportation. Under Trump ICE has begun to arrest domestic violence victims who are entered into the system, jailing and deporting them despite the fact that they are victims, not criminals.

North Dakota Legalizes Armed Police Drones
North Dakota police now have the ability to utilize armed aerial drones in violent situations. This is worrying for numerous reasons, including how it may be used against protesters (North Dakota has been the site of many anti-oil protests), and just how easy it will become for police to use lethal force through the depersonalizing medium of a computer screen.’

Prosecuting WikiLeaks Endangers All Reporters, First Amendment Experts Say
The Trump Administration is signaling its desire to prosecute Julian Assange over his Wikileaks activities, posing an existential threat to the free press protections of the first amendment. If Assange is prosecuted, it sets the precedent that the government can simply arrest journalists who publish material that they don’t want published using a nebulous claim that the material is classified and endangers American security. This is the line Nixon tried against Ellsberg and it failed, but this time it may gain traction.

Why Media Keeps Ignoring These Shootings?
The United States has become so inured to the mass shootings that plague our nation that the media often declines to cover incidents that would merit hours of primetime coverage in any other developed nation. Just two examples of this pattern are the mass shooting that injured 16 people in a nightclub in Cincinnati, and the near shooting in a school that was discovered and foiled by Maryland police.

Trump Overturns a Mental Health Regulation On Gun Purchases
Trump has repealed an Obama-era gun regulation that prevents individuals who are deemed too mentally ill to control their own money from buying guns. With this repeal, Americans receiving SSI disability benefits for severe mental illness will be able to buy as many guns as they want, increasing the risk of them hurting themselves or others.

United Passenger Removal A Microcosm Of Corporate America
A video of a United Airlines passenger being forcebly removed from a plane went viral, sparking a debate over customer service and the ability of corporations like United to crush the individual. One particularly worrying aspect of this situation is how corporations have gained so much influence that they can command public police forced to enforce their unfair decisions using state-sponsored violence.

Thousands of immigrant detainees sue private prison firm over ‘forced’ labor
The for-profit incarceration of non-violent undocumented immigrants awaiting court proceedings or deportation is a massive and growing industry. Within this industry is a really reprehensible tactic of using compelled inmate labor to keep costs low—why hire a kitchen staff when you can force detainees to work for you at $1 a day. When detainees refuse to work they are punished with a variety of consequences, including loss of privileges and solitary confinement.



50,000 Haitian Immigrants At Risk Of Deportation
With the expectation of an unfavorable decision in renewing Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status by the Department of Homeland Security in coming weeks, Haitian communities in America and back home in Haiti have been gripped with immense fear. The looming expiration of TPS for several other black immigrant nations in less than year has put black immigrant communities in fear of increased destabilization in the countries the continue to support with remittances.

Sanctuary New York Still Cooperates With ICE on 170 criminal offenses
Despite a city council resolution passing and declaring New York City a sanctuary, law enforcement officials in the City cooperate with ICE detainer requests on a list of 170 criminal offenses. The City also continues to institute its broken windows policing policy, which criminalized low-level offenses such as fare evasion and quality of life crimes.

Denver Immigrant Rights Groups Unveil Model Sanctuary City Policies
A coalition of immigrant rights and legal services providers have released a sanctuary city policy manual for consideration by Denver’s local authorities. The proposed policies include no cooperation on ICE detainers, no data collection of origin, no notification of ICE on criminal matters etc.

Half of Immigrants Arrested during ICE Raids Have Traffic Violations or no Criminal Records
Like Pres. Obama, Pres. Trump has claimed that only undocumented immigrants that pose a public safety threat will be prioritized for deportation, but emerging reports suggest  a more broader net is being cast by ICE agents.

Undocumented Immigrant Population in United States Stays Flat for the 8th Year
For the 8th straight year, the undocumented population has remained flat at about 11.3 million. Notably, Mexico’s share of the undocumented population has fallen drastically to the present 50%. As a result, immigration observers are questioning the President’s preoccupation with building an expensive wall instead of trying to deal with the undocumented population and immigration reform.

Travel Ban Countries Awarded 50% Lower Temporary Visas in March
Citizens of the 7 Muslim-majority nations included in Pres. Trump’s executive order ban have received about 3200 temporary visas from the federal government in comparison to 5700 this time last year.

American Farmers Concerned Enhanced Immigration Enforcement Will Hamper Business
The nation’s agriculture industry is beginning to voice concern that enhanced immigration enforcement as promised by the President will send the critical force of undocumented laborers underground, raising prices of products and reducing farm output levels.

Former Anti Immigration Group Leader Appointed To Serve Immigrants at Immigration Agency
Emerging reports suggest Julie Kirchner who served as director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has been tapped to serve as the next ombudsman at the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. The position will require Kirchner to represent immigrants who experience problems with USCIS processes.

Who’s Really Paying for Trump’s Wall
Mario Diaz explains what’s happening in Florida in regards to Trump’s wall.

Orlando Activists Convince Local Sheriff’s Office to Claim Sanctuary Status
Sheriff Jerry Demings announced that he will not enter into an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security that would enforce immigration laws in Orange County, Florida. There are no sanctuary cities at the municipal level in the state of Florida, but under Orange County’s protection, Orlando-area immigrants can enjoy some reassurance from their local officials.


SHOCKING Allegations Against CA Progressive Candidate
Former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer, Masha Mendieta, accuses Congressional Candidate Arturo Carmona of sexism and inappropriate behavior while they worked together on the campaign. More women have since come forward to back up these claims, including Lucy Flores. Carmona ran for congress on Bernie’s popular progressive platform, but he’s far from a model feminist–he’s a misogynistic hypocrite.

Seattle Mayor Smears Victim of Sexual Abuse Lawsuit as “Troubled”
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray blames one of his victims in a sexual abuse lawsuit against him, insisting she is mentally “troubled.” Murray formally denied these allegations, ignoring calls to step down, and will be running for re-election in the Fall. Progressives in Seattle need to consider his alarming perpetuation of rape culture before casting their votes.

Missouri Finally Gets Serious on Suicide
Missouri’s suicide rate is higher than the national average, but mental health professionals within the state can currently receive their certifications without any suicide prevention training. Local lawmakers just passed a bill to make this training mandatory, and while it’s a step in the right direction, it’s a reminder of how much work needs to be done to de-stigmatize mental health issues in our country

Texas University’s OUTRAGEOUS Rape Stats
Our society’s chronic objectification of women has led to a dangerous rape culture, especially on college campuses. In a recent survey, 28% of college women reported unwanted sexual contact. Baylor University’s football team stands out as a prime example of young men committing sexual crimes against their female classmates at alarming rates, with 52 counts of rape reported among 31 players between the years 2011 and 2014.

Missouri Sheriff Jim Arnott in Hot Water After Abuse Allegations
Elected Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott is accused of inappropriately mistreating a woman named Erica Russell. She claims Arnott held her in detainment for 10 hours while physically and emotionally abusing her while she was forcibly undressed. Arnott is denying these claims, but the video surveillance of Russell’s time in jail has not been made publicly available. Just like so many other instances around the country, an elected official appears to be misusing his power, and it’s unclear whether or not Russell will get the justice she deserves.

The Tennessee Legislature’s Sexual Harassment Epidemic
Tennessee Rep. Jeremy Durham (R-Franklin) recently made history by becoming the first state legislator to be expelled for sexual misconduct, but he’s not alone. A lack of proper training, a lack of female representation within the state legislature, and a general “boy’s club” attitude has led to several sexual harassment incidents over recent months.

Corporate Democrats Blame Misogyny for Clinton Loss and Fail to Realize Being a Woman Doesn’t Make You A Feminist
As the country tries to recover from the trauma of the 2016 election cycle, corporate democrats are failing to grasp why their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the election. Neoliberals are continuing to blame sexism for their leader’s failure while spectacularly failing to grasp reality–she was not a strong candidate, and she wasn’t even the best feminist in the race.

Trump is appointing 3 men for every woman. Here’s where he’s hiring them.
Women make up 50% of our population, but Trump has hand-selected a cabinet consisting of only 27% women, making it the most white and most male cabinet since President Reagan. This discriminatory hiring process has further jeopardized the future of our country, as the already-questionable appointees do not accurately represent our diverse population, and the needs of women and families will be further ignored as a result.

Hold Gorsuch accountable on disability rights
The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a young autistic student with ADD, whose family fought for improved public education for students with disabilities. This ruling came before the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch, who has historically voted in opposition to individuals with disabilities. The rights of individuals with disabilities may be in jeopardy during future Supreme Court cases, including those with debilitating mental health disorders.

Trump just signed a bill allowing states to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood
Obama-era protections for federally-funded family planning centers, namely Planned Parenthood, were reversed in Trump’s most recent attack on reproductive health care. States can now elect to defund clinics that provide an array of beneficial services, including counseling and cancer screenings, but conservatives will ignorantly vote to defund Planned Parenthood because they offer abortion services.



DEA Okays Synthetic Pot, Keeps Natural Pot Illegal
The Drug Enforcement Administration recently announced they will classify synthetic marijuana as a schedule 2 drug, while refusing to reclassify natural cannabis the same way. Big pharmaceutical companies and related industries rely on prohibitions to natural weed to keep their profit margins up, and now stand to gain even bigger by selling pot derivatives while continuing to work to block the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.

The Real Reason FL Rep Ray Rodrigues Hates Medical Marijuana
Ft. Myers Representative Ray Rodrigues recently got the green light from a Florida House panel this Tuesday a medical marijuana proposal (HB 1397) that modifies Florida’s voter-approved Amendment 2 permitting the use of medical marijuana. The bill will add various limitations to the distribution of medical marijuana in a way that becomes very clear when voters examine Rodrigues’s donors and think about what favors he’s kicking them back.

Jeff Sessions Goes Low To Stop You From Getting High
Since his confirmation as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has made consistent headlines as Americans of all stripes sound the alarms in defense of our basic rights. On weed, Sessions’ recent ludicrous claim that marijuana, a drug that has never killed anyone, is on the same level as heroin, a drug responsible for one of most deadly and ongoing health crises in our country, illustrates how perversely warped our Attorney General’s understanding of drug issues in America is.

MO Rep LYING to Constituents on Trumpcare
Rep. Billy Long of Missouri’s 7th congressional district sent an e-mail to his constituents not only backing Trumpcare, but using a false statistic to do so. According to Long, “just a little over 10 million Americans were covered” by the Affordable Care Act. In reality, 20 million are covered. When we’re talking about people who would lose coverage if ACA was repealed, numbers matter.

Colorado House votes to bar cops from helping with federal marijuana crackdown
Colorado may soon prohibit law enforcement officers from assisting in a potential federal marijuana crackdown, should a bill the state House passed 56-7 to bar public employees from assisting federal agents in “arresting a Colorado citizen for committing an act that is a Colorado constitutional right.” Sponsors say the bill is inspired by threats that federal authorities may try cracking down on the marijuana industry in states where recreational weed is legal.

Potheads rejoice: Illinois lawmakers move to legalize recreational weed
On March 22, parallel bills were introduced in both the Illinois state house and senate to make it legal for people 21 and older to purchase, possess, and grow cannabis, establishing a system by which businesses are licensed and regulated to grow process, test, and market the drug to adults. The legislation proposes taxing wholesale sales of weed at $50 per ounce and imposing Illinois’ 6.25 percent sales tax. For a state struggling with a budget crisis to fund public employees pension and care, Illinois would be wise to make room for a multi-million dollar marijuana industry as quickly as humanly possible.

Big Pharma’s Dirtiest Dealer
Vice News reports: Several Insys Therapeutics executives were arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe its fentanyl-based pain medication to patients, while funding anti-weed campaigns and developing its own lab-made THC drug behind closed doors. You heard that right: a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company pushing a drug 50 times stronger than heroin while donating half-a-million dollars to a smear campaign against cannabis legalization in Arizona, where Insys is based, while simultaneously developing its own synthetic THC drug with full state and federal government approval. “What a magnificent intersection of irony, hypocrisy, and corruption.”

The Bayer-Monsanto Deal Won’t Eat the Cannabis Industry. Yet.
A merger of the magnitude of Monsanto-Bayer would portend big changes for global agriculture in general, including but not limited to marijuana farming. While the rise of “big cannabis” seems likely–at least to the extent the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t subvert it with “big synthetic cannabis”–it comes down to how individual consumers spend as to the impact the merger would have on local and independent marijuana growers and sellers.

Cherokee Nation sues opioid distributors over worsening crisis
One of the many ways Native Americans are disproportionately affected by crises facing our country can be seen in the predatory actions of America’s top drug distributors and retailers that, as alleged in a suit recently filed by the Cherokee nation, illegally allowed prescription painkillers to flood the tribal community, exacerbating an already-devastating opioid crisis for financial gain.

Medical marijuana regulation could lead to Medicaid cost cuts, Health Affairs study shows
Use of prescription drugs in Medicaid was lower in states with medical marijuana laws; estimated savings totaled about $1.01 billion. With the increased cannabis use in the 28 states that have legalized medical and recreational weed, more individuals are use marijuana as a treatment alternative for Medicaid-covered prescription drugs. Comparing prescription drug use in states with and without legal access to medical marijuana, use of prescription drugs in Medicaid was lower where medical marijuana was legal, saving those states over $1 billion.



DC Refuses to Give Teachers Raise Despite $2.4 Billion Surplus
Emblematic of the misplaced priorities pervading DC, local public school teachers have gone over five years without a raise, a contract, or so much as a cost-of-living increase, even as city officials boast of a budget surplus. Curtis Cee speaks to affected educators about their efforts to call attention to the story and pressure the mayor.

Education “Reform”: Standardized Tests, Charter Schools and Common Core
Since Trump took office, we’ve seen an education policy agenda plowing headlong into privatization as Secretary Betsy DeVos seeks to hand US public education funding over to for-profit charter operators, religious voucher networks and the same college lending “vulture” firms she herself invested in. But Democrats also have their hands in “ed reform,” promoting charter schools and unpiloted standardized testing policies that have met sharp opposition from parents, practitioners and technical experts.

The Trump Effect: Will New York Parents Opt Out Of Standardized Testing?
The appointment of Betsy DeVos has crystallized Trump’s position on “school choice,” but many more substantive questions go unanswered. For example, how is Common Core testing different in the Trump era? Take a few vague statements, mix in a media whitewash, general confusion and official misinformation and then add in a few broken campaign promises and you might get the (fuzzy) picture, although it changes every day. Trump claims he wants to reduce federal interference with education, even as he pushed a $20 billion package to expand private school vouchers.

Rahm Suspends Teacher For Fighting Injustice
If you think big city Democratic mayors like Rahm Emanuel are standing up against Trump’s march towards privatization, think again. Rahm has always been pro-charter but is now tightening the screws on Chicago public schools by cutting special education services and targeting teachers who call out his corporate crony corruption.

How New York Parents Are Fighting Back Against Common Core
TATM’s Marteena Morano asks why education isn’t adequately covered in media, causing confusion as parents consider whether to allow their children to take standardized tests. Are the “accountability” policies imposing consequences on underprivileged districts in a deliberate scheme to set up public schools for takeover?

Independent Democratic Conference Denies Promised Funding to NY’s Poorest Schools
As grassroot groups confront the local “Independent” Democratic elected officials who help Republicans control the NY state senate, exclusive interviews and video shows how legislators avoid questions about charter school industry donations and education policy.

New York State Advocates Confront IDC Over School Funding
During NY’s tense budget battles, TATM’s Sami Disu was there as education activists question IDC staffers, asking why promised education funding has still never been provided to needy districts. The eight member Independent Democratic Conference and their “breakaway” tactics have borne some fruit for IDC members, but spawned a large protest movement in the weeks preceding the all-important budget vote.

Why Is There a “Poll Tax” For Teachers Union Elections?
The press ignored it, but because recent NY state teacher union elections took on new import in the age of Trump and DeVos, TATM broke down the race and implications from the perspective of a member educator, revealing controversial voting practices that have resulted in non-competitive outcomes for six decades. With only a tiny minority of union members authorized to cast votes, a resolution to make voting easier was voted down by the same incumbent leadership that has dragged behind the rank and file in opposing standardized testing and Common Core.

Trump Can’t Limit Federal Role in Public Schools AND Push School Vouchers
Running on a platform of “local control”, Donald Trump has repeatedly said the federal education footprint is too big and expensive. So why then is he pushing a $20 billion funding initiative to expand charter and voucher schools? Read Pennsylvania high school teacher Steven Singer’s take on the issue as Trump and DeVos staff up from the revolving door.

Donald Trump Replaces Corrupt Democrats With Corrupt Republicans
When Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” voters assumed he meant ending revolving door and pay-for-play corruption. They were only half right. We see now he actually intended to replace corrupt Democrats with corrupt Republicans and nothing illustrates this better than Trump’s latest moves in education.



Why Bernie’s Progressive Narrative Appeals Across Party Lines
It’s the article that all Progressives have been waiting for the mainstream media to run since the Democrats lost to Donald Trump last November: an insightful analysis that spells out all of the reasons why “Bernie would have won,” without ever using the phrase. Meanwhile, the mainstream media and the heads of the Democratic Party continue to resort to the “othering” of Trump voters to explain away their epic failure and excuse their transgressions against the Progressive Left.  

Why Aren’t Progressives Winning Elections?
Are Progressive candidates undercutting each other’s campaigns by running against one another in local races and splitting the Progressive vote? How can we get organized and channel our efforts and resources into real wins? In this interview, former DNC chair candidate Samuel Ronan explains why his new voter initiative Our Voice could be a vital component in future Progressive strategy.

Corporate Dems Try to Play Progressives and Fail
At the same time the Democratic Party Establishment and mainstream media were failing Progressive Dem James Thompson in Kansas’ 4th Congressional District, they were over-hyping establishment Dem Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th. With campaign slogans like, “Vote Your Ossoff” and “Make Trump Furious,” Ossoff became the latest in a string of faux-Progressive candidates to demonstrate how far empty rhetoric gets in a country where millions of voters are desperate for real solutions. If it wasn’t so sad, we’d be laughing our Ossoff.

Bernie’s MSNBC Town Hall Shows Working Class GOP Voters Prefer Progressive Policies
Though it didn’t receive much coverage by the mainstream media, the “Bernie in Trump Country” Town Hall is well-known to many Progressives as the time Sanders walked into a room of scowling anti-Socialist Trump-Conservatives and, after talking with them as if they were real human people, got them to agree that he actually had some pretty good ideas. Given that the Democratic Party strategy is usually all about appealing to moderate Republicans, maybe someone should show Dem leaders this article…

Democrats: Whether You Like it or Not, Here is Your Purity Test
In the attempt to undermine our integrity (and our right to vote, essentially), the media narrative around Progressivism always shifts quite aggressively to the “purity test” offensive during election season. Last year’s particularly ugly presidential race brought a new light to the extreme corruption in our government. Now using a purity test to determine who is fit to hold office actually doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

Seattle: A Democratic Socialist is Now Qualified to Receive Your Democracy Vouchers
As the rest of the world slowly marches further into the abyss of Neo-Liberal, corporate rule, the city of Seattle seems to have quietly stepped out of line and is slowly moonwalking back to sanity. Do you ever hear about Seattle’s Progressive wins in the corporate news?

What is the Path Forward for Progressives in Trump’s America?
With all of the shouting we’ve heard since the election about the unfairness of the electoral college, few outlets have bothered to raise the alarm about the far more pressing issue of gerrymandering. We currently have a voting system in which cheating is not only accepted, but expected, and candidates get to choose their own constituency. In this double interview, former Salon Editor-in-Chief/current CEO of The CT Mirror David Daley and Republican Progressive candidate Lindsay Brown talk about fighting on all fronts—yes, even from within the Republican Party!

Jill Stein To Request Recounts In Three Battle Ground States: Audit the Election
Jill Stein’s recount initiative was perhaps the most unfortunate casualty of the media maelstrom during Trump’s first 100 days: It was misunderstood, mocked and never mentioned again once it became clear that the election would not be overturned in Clinton’s favor—though overturning the election was never the goal in the first place. The true result of this initiative is that we know now for sure that our electoral system is in dire need of reform.

Democrats Abandon Winnable Seat In Kansas
Q: What currently has no meaningful power in any governmental branch, has no concrete policy ideas for making the country better and just dropped the ball HARD in Kansas’ 4th District special election?
A: When the Democrats lose, boy do they lose big.

Honkala Will Sue to Void 197th Election, Alleging ‘Massive Fraud and Misconduct’:
Democrats cheated the people in Pennsylvania’s poorest district out of their opportunity to be represented by someone who truly has their back: 2012 Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala—crusader for the homeless and impoverished. But true to form, Honkala’s not about to let them get away with it. Her lawsuit to overturn the recent special election in Pennsylvania’s 197th District could give a boost to the Progressive movement and become a strong foothold for election integrity cases across the country.

Edited by Taylor Raines and Lydia McMullen-Laird 


  1. Thank you Jordan – I and many others will always remember when you were one of the only independent media covering Standing Rock – you got my donation #RESIST #WATERISLIFE

  2. Saw you for the first time introducing us to (Guccifer 2.0) or Wikileaks. Made my day. I saw a donor list of Hollywood Elite. Next day it was taken down, and funny thing happens- One of them sends a rallying cry for funds for Hillary in my mailbox (sent by Hillary campaign.) Weird stuff.

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