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San Diego Organizes in Support of Renewable Energy

A crowd of organizers listen to speeches before the march kicks off.

On Sunday, November 5th, nearly 110 activists from across San Diego and Imperial County gathered in downtown San Diego to urge local officials and the Federal Government to transition from a fossil fuel based energy system to a renewable energy system. The “Climate Mobilization March” was organized by the San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition in a partnership with the Ocean Beach Green Center, the San Diego Labor Council, Greenpeace San Diego, and Sierra Club San Diego.

The demonstration began at the Civic Center Plaza, where the Shake Down Spring Band performed several songs to rally up the participants. Then, Nancy Cassidy, an activist from the SD Climate Mobilization Coalition, reminded everyone of the reason for the rally. “We are here so we can serve the world,” Mrs. Cassidy said. “100% renewable is 100% possible and is 100% necessary.” Other organizers who spoke at the event included Karen Lee Robinson from the Sierra Club SD and Pete Beauregard, a congressional candidate from California’s 50th Federal District.

The organizers then took the rally to the streets, where they marched to the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Building. A pledge, put together by the SD Climate Mobilization Coalition, was hung up on the entrance to the building. The document urged government officials to take the necessary steps to diminish nation’s contributions to climate change. The demonstration concluded with several more speeches, followed by the activists singing “This Land is Your Land”.

Demonstrators marching through downtown San Diego.

This protest comes after a study by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, a branch of UC San Diego, stated that there is a one in twenty chance that there will be a temperature increase that, at best, would cause only catastrophic changes by the year 2050. With wildfires occurring three weeks ago in Orange County, only 90 miles north of San Diego, it appears that the findings by the institution are not to be ignored.

These stark realities are what drive activists like Nancy Cassidy to push for renewable energy. According to her: “We are in a climate emergency, and no one is coming to save us.” It is activists like her who work to shed light on an issue that is often disregarded in today’s political climate.

San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition has a goal of having 30,000 citizens align themselves with renewable energy. In order to do this, they host these types of marches once a month in San Diego. The next Climate Mobilization March will occur on Sunday, December 3rd, at 1:00 pm outside of the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Building.


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