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Samuel Ronan: Another Candidate Justice Democrats Overlooked

Samuel Ronan
Samuel Ronan

In a previous article I explained how Justice Democrats overlooked progressive candidates David Hildebrand and Irasema “Sema” Hernandez. Please allow me to be as clear as possible. I am fond of the Justice Democrats organization. I am very fond of most of their candidates: Paula Jean Swearingen, J. Darnell Jones, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Sarah Smith, Kaniela Ing, Amy Veila, and most recently Derrick Crowe. I was simply upset Justice Democrats had passed up Sema Hernandez and David Hildebrand for endorsements. There is another person well known in progressive circles, Samuel Ronan, who has also been passed up for a nomination from Justice Democrats.

Ronan first gained notoriety by running for the DNC chair. Ronan boldly proclaimed that the 2016 Democrat Party presidential primaries were in fact rigged against Bernie Sanders during his bid for DNC chair. Ronan is also the founder of Our Voice. Our Voice, as I understand it, is similar to Our Revolution. Ronan is also running for Congress. Ronan is definitely a Bernie-style candidate and seems exactly like the type of person Justice Democrats would want to endorse.

Ronan’s website contains more details about proposed solutions to our country’s problems than I have ever seen. Ronan unabashedly supports Medicare For All, a $15/hr minimum wage, combating climate change, a “new New Deal”, ending the war on drugs, and just about every other standard progressive policy position there is.

Were you nominated to be a Justice Democrat?

“I was nominated for both Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. I spoke with the heads of both organizations. Even after that, I was never contacted for interviews or an endorsement.” — Samuel Ronan

Did you go through the vetting process?

“It never began. I was never reached out to begin with.” — Samuel Ronan

How many people nominated you to be a Justice Democrat?

“I have no way of knowing the exact number. But I know that I was nominated by dozens of people not just for the DNC chair race, but in my run for congress as well.” — Samuel Ronan

Dozens of different people nominated Ronan to be a Justice Democrat. Ronan spoke to the heads of both of the organizations. Ronan appeared as a guest on TYT politics and The Jimmy Dore Show, and the Humanist Report. Similar to Hildebrand and Hernandez, it truly is baffling that Ronan was not endorsed by Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress.

Because Ronan is in a deep-Republican area, he has since decided to run as a Republican.


  1. I was a congressional candidate in 2014 and 2016 against a republican candidate that nobody much knows or cared about. He was even basically unopposed in 2014. People liked my opinions but few heard of me because I could not afford advertising or a proper website. In this district there is basically nothing to lose except for a few volunteers time and a few thousand dollars. I would still serve but I can’t run alone.

  2. Ronan has told #DemEnter folks in the last week or so that he is going to run as REPUBLICAN. So, maybe that was already in the works and JD’s new about it? Never-the-less, the Dems have made it painfully clear, they will never let former Berners or Berniecrats or Progressives every have 51% voice… they are vampires… only sucking the energy out of “progressives”.

      • No, the dozens of nominations happened when he was running for DNC chair in February.

        If Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn were able to overcome obstacles against their electoral rise, the bernie wing of the democratic party can as well. The fact that the establishment is resorting to underhanded tactics is a sign of their desperation. At this point, they’re well aware their defeat is inevitable.

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