About us

The world is permeated by make believe: politicians say they’re fighting for you right after they kiss the rings of the very people screwing you; and the unholy cabal between corporate America, the banks, the lobbyists, the media, and the politicians exist to offer you lip service while simultaneously spitting at you.

And while the media fixates on the President’s every tweet and sound bite, people are being lead-poisoned in Flint, East Chicago, and thousands of other cities; working people are dying a slow, quiet death as pundits rave about the “economic comeback”; parents are thinking about how they’ll feed their kids AND keep the roof over their heads instead of what fun family trip to take; and millennials are reconciling with having to forego their dreams because D.C. was too busy blowing big business instead of working for their futures.

It’s all one big machine—plain and simple.

I’m going to fight it, along with an army of up-and-coming independent journalists who are unwilling to swim in the sea of bullshit “narratives” pushed by corporate media.

If you want to know what’s really going on in America, this is your site. If you want to wage Truth Against the Machine…

Join us.