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Neighborhood with Neurological Disease


Toxic air and water are taking the lives of citizens across America. Our health is being traded for profit.

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” .. she is 25-years-old and her whole life she has worn diapers. She doesn’t speak in any way. She makes sounds but it’s not anything communicable…. I think that it has something to do with these factories, there are just so many people with developmental disabilities in this part of Riverside. A lot of my family members have died of cancer”

There are 53 industrial plants in a two-mile radius in Tonawanda and it has the highest concentration of air polluters in New York State.

Over 800,000 children in New York suffer from autism, developmental disabilities, birth defects or the effects of disabling accidents.

MS Diagnosis Rates in Western New York are double the national average, and Western New York has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world.

Lupus prevalence in the area of concern corresponded to seven times greater risk of the disease compared with the general population.

Toxic Plants

3M is One of the top-25 polluters in New York State, Carbon disulfide is used here in to make sponges. Carbon disulfide causes a host of health problems, including neurotoxic effects.

FMC Chemicals: uses ammonia and numerous other chemicals onsite.

Tonawanda Coke: puts out the Highest levels of benzene in the state.

Dupont: The plant manufactures Corian for countertops. In May, the plant was fined $165,000 for violating the EPA’s Clear Air Act.

Huntley plant is a coal plant that puts out chromium and mercury compounds.

NRG Energy had announced a proposal to turn this plant into a natural gas-fired one as a way to reduce pollution.

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