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Morning Joe’s Disgraceful Trump Moonwalk Embodies Dangers of Corporate Media


I have a dirty secret to tell: I watch “Morning Joe.”

I know—how is the guy that routinely tweets and rants against corporate media joining the morning cocktail party on daily basis.

Sometimes I ask myself that too, but in truth, it’s more of a daily exercise at reinforcing what I’m working against. In a weird way, I like starting my day with a little glutton for punishment: it gets my mind going when I see all the stories being ignored by a show like MJ in favor of the neverending Trump tsunami.

But lately, the punishment has become too harsh, and on Monday morning, I had to turn it off.

“This is incredibly sad for our country that this is our president and these are his tweets,” Mika Brzezinski said, referring to President Trump’s latest round of stupidity.

I agree with her, but what’s sadder is this is our media, and these are its heroins of hypocrisy.

More unbelievable hypocrisy came from the MJ echo chamber weeks ago when Mika gave the rest of the media a stern talking to about getting its shit together in covering the president.

“We need to stop celebrating ourselves and just do our job. This isn’t like some sort of game show; reporters do a good job because that’s what reporters do. I mention the pathetic grab for ratings in terms of networks having Kellyanne Conway on the show, a repeated liar, so consistently that she lies that it’s almost like watching a car wreck on the highway, you just can’t take your eyes off her; it’s a gross, tabloid TV management ploy for ratings, and that’s not our responsibility.”

Right…the morning show that had then-candidate Trump—or “Donald” as they jovially called him—call into the show in his pajamas several times a week as a, dare I say, tabloid TV ploy for ratings; was caught on hot mic fluffing his pillow and showering him with compliments; and mentioned him more than any other cable news show during the campaign is now leading the Trump resistance.

Only in American corporate media can you help build up the monster before pretending you’ve been trying to slay it from the start.

A Daily Beast article from February, 2016 further illustrates the point.

“According to data from the media monitoring service TVEyes, the MSNBC program has mentioned Trump’s name more frequently than any other cable show since his June 2015 announcement of candidacy—2,414 times compared to 2,181 on New Day and 1,472 on Fox & Friends; this, despite the fact that MSNBC programs as a whole have mentioned the thatch-roofed billionaire less frequently (9,749 times) than Fox News (10,446) and CNN (16,308).”

Outside of the sheer hypocrisy and fraudulence of MJ’s moonwalk into fake Trump outrage, there’s the other hypocrisy. As Morning Joe, and other outlets of its ilk, pretend to suddenly care about the “assault on Democracy” the president poses, they were completely MIA on the actual assault on Democracy that was happening well before Trump stepped into office.

With three hours every morning five days a week, I’m not sure if these champions of the New York City cocktail circuit ever covered the brutalization of Americans exercising their first amendment rights in Standing Rock. TATM sure has. I know they haven’t been covering the continued poisoning of an American city—and the governmental corruption behind it—in Flint. TATM’s Carly Hammond and Chelsea Lyons have led the charge.

They certainly haven’t covered climate change or toxic pipelines that are spilling—and then having the spills covered up by big oil AND the federal government. TATM’s Mario Diaz has. They’re certainly not exposing establishment Democrats who, in one breath are leading the “resistance,” but in the other, are lying in a corrupt bed with the same big money special interests that voters turned against in electing Trump. TATM’s Walker Bragman is. And there isn’t a chance in hell they are offering in-depth coverage of the formerly middle class cities that have been decimated by “free trade” deals, deregulation, and neoliberalism—like Harvey, Illinois. TATM’s Taralei Griffin is.

I can go on with this list till the end of time. And the hypocrisy and deception illustrated by Joe and Mika’s sudden Game of Thrones-esque surge against Trump isn’t limited to them—the entire corporate media, which increased its profits by 19% in 2016 by pushing a bloviating-birther-conspiracy theorist into the mainstream, has suddenly engaged in an extreme makeover, trying to take down the beast it helped create.

This is why I truly believe outlets like Truth Against The Machine are vital—not only to actually inform the public smart enough to seek real news, but to help enlighten the misinformed eating a steady diet of this substanceless, public relations for the powerful.

The latter isn’t an easy task; I know first hand—my parents watch Fox News and other corporate media. But myself and TATM won’t stop working to inform and activate the masses against the oligarchy.

For which Morning Joe is part of. I hope you’ll join us in the fight—whatever you can provide helps the cause. And if you can’t help financially, LIKE US and SHARE OUR CONTENT!

Making this country an actually democracy won’t happen without you.

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