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Justice for Kenneka Jenkins

Photo Teresa Martin Facebook live
Rosemont, IL: Activists Return United 
Jedidiah Brown And Lamon Reccord Arrested

Protests for Kenneka Jenkins resumed in Rosemont, IL after the investigation labeled her death accidental. A batch of postmortem photos were released to the public, showing Jenkins inside the freezer with exposed skin. Teresa Martin was outside the Rosemont hotel with a group of supporters Saturday, October 21, two weeks after shockingly calling off the original protest.  

“Frankly, the photos depicting how Kenneka was found raise more questions about what happened to Kenneka Jenkins than they answer,” the family’s attorney Larry Rogers Jr. said.

On Facebook, Martin claims she was treated with hostility by police. Made to stand outside and allegedly called “a bunch of wild people” Activists came back out to support Martin without hesitation.  


8:44am Oct 21 – Martin said Full post


Jedidiah Brown and Lamon Reccord both came back to Rosemount to support Martin. Both were arrested and released. Brown was charged with two counts of trespassing and Reccord was reportedly picked up on a warrant.

Jedidiah Brown placed postmortem photos of Jenkins on windshields outside the hotel, This livestream was filmed shortly before his arrest. Police possibly used this footage to charge him – Photo FaceBook

During the first protest, Reccord was arrested for trespassing but this time, they were both arrested. Some people wondered if Brown and Reccord would return to protest after Martin stated on Facebook that a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” had taken advantage of her situation. Martin didn’t give names but Brown and Reccord took the message personally and defended their intentions on livestream. Martin has cut off off communication with Reccord and Brown since that statement.

The corporate media has largely ignored the Jenkins protest, despite a huge public interest. Michelle Relerford, a journalist from NBC 5, has been using Facebook live to give updates on the case. Releford said she’s been criticized for her efforts with questions like “why don’t you just let her Rest In Peace” and “why do you keep posting these updates,” Releford responded to the critics by saying “because thousands of people have followed me for these updates, and secondly, her family doesn’t want this to rest,” while sneaking in an update while covering a Cubs game for NBC 5

When asked about national coverage of the case, many said it wasn’t being covered so they use social media for coverage. Jenkins mother was ignored when she arrived at the hotel and brushed off by the 911 operator. She was forced to wait outside of the hotel for hours and wasn’t shown the video surveillance for weeks, later told some cameras were moved or didn’t work. You can check Martins page for future details on protests.

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  1. Yes, Kenneka did die from hypothermia – but someone hurt her first and closed her in the freezer and made sure she stayed in it. I have tried to call Kenneka’s lawyers multiple times and never got a response. The article in the Daily Herald invited anyone who felt they had information to “come on in”. Well since I live so far away I called. I spoke at length to the mayor’s very kind secretary, but could not speak to him. I doubt she will pass a word on. I tried to contact the reporter who wrote the article several times and again my calls were not returned. I wrote a very long letter to the Daily Herald about the problems I saw with this case and that was printed. Hey, I could be totally wrong in what I have figured out – but I need to know why I’m wrong. We all know the films were edited and were never sent to the FBI for expert analysis. One of the multiple problems I have with this case is this. When Kenneka was found, the police officer stated “she is frozen solid”. It takes a human body approx three days to freeze solid. If her body was frozen, it would have to be thawed slowly, under refrigeration for almost a week so as not to destroy evidence or damage the body for autopsy. Yet her Mom saw her in about four hours, and she wasn’t frozen. That could not have happened if her body was frozen. Instead, I belief the police officer found her in full rigor mortis and mistook that for ‘frozen’. I have yet to see a time of death for Kenneka which is really not normal in any autopsy unless the body is skeletal. Cold speeds up rigor. If she was in full rigor when found – that would put her time of death approximately 11 to 24 hours before she was found. Why is there no time of death – maybe because had someone paid attention to her Mom in the first place, that girl may have survived. I feel like no one, except the people who care about her, want this solved. The police did not do a FULL investigation on her. Because she came from the wrong side of town, was the wrong color, and they treated her like a nonperson. Please God. Justice for Kenneka

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