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Progressive Organizer Jeremiah Lowery Will Run For DC City Council At-Large

Jeremiah Lowery speaking at an environmental rally in June. Photo Credit: Lacy MacAuley/Twitter.

On Saturday, September 23 Jeremiah Lowery will kick-off his campaign for the 2018 DC City Council At-Large Democratic Primary. The event will be held in the Northwestern DC Petworth neighborhood at Ten Tigers Parlour between 11am and noon.

Lowery, 31, is running his campaign because he sees an opportunity to enact a collective vision of what DC could be. He defined that vision briefly as, “an opportunity for us to get universal childcare done, the opportunity for us to create a city run on one hundred percent clean energy, the opportunity for us to put tenants, resources for the homeless, advocates in the driver’s seat when it comes to development.”

A career in politics is not Lowery’s goal. “I’m just a community organizer, community advocate,” he said. He decided to campaign for the Councilman At-Large office because of the current political environment in DC and the Nation. “I looked at the moment, you know, that we’re in right now with the Trump Administration, I looked at the energy in the city for change, and I decided to step up at this particular moment in time,” he explained.

Lowery founded the Universal Childcare Now DC Coalition in 2015. They interviewed local parents to understand the childcare landscape and difficulties faced by DC parents in obtaining childcare services. Then they advocated for childcare policies to address these problems. On September 27 two bills supported by Lowery’s coalition will go in front of the DC City Council.

The Infant and Toddler Development Health Services Act of 2017, B22-203, and the Bolstering Early Growth Investment (“BEGIN”) Act of 2017, B22-355, would expand access to childcare across the city, provide more funds and institutional support for childcare services and improve medical services for mothers and babies.

This vote takes place four days after the kick-off event for his City Council Campaign. His resume displays experience organizing around many issues in the canon of social and environmental justice.

Lowery founded and sits on the first Environmental Justice Board of the Sierra Club. He helped organize a campaign that recently won a raise in the local minimum wage to $12.50. And he sits on the DC Food Policy Council which improves the standards for food served in DC Public Schools.

On Saturday morning at the campaign kick-off event Lowery will project his platform, meet people, and talk to his supporters. He plans to hold a quiet event about policies and building the campaign. He compares this to Trump’s ambition for jets at his inauguration. “We’re grassroots activists and we just really want to get down to business,” Lowery said. He will be there to meet people, sign them up as volunteers, receive donations and answer questions from the community.

When asked who inspires his activism Lowery told me, “I’m inspired every day”, and listed off people who live through diversity and organize to improve their situations. Mothers, homeless people, and those living in poverty are on his list. He describes them as people who fearlessly speak truth to power. “Those folks inspire me everyday and I want to make sure that if we were to win this seat, that they’re the leaders of this seat, that this is their seat and I’m going to follow their lead,” he said.    

Photo credit: Rhys Baker

Lowery plans to run his campaign like he did every other campaign he has won in the last decade. This means canvassing outside metro stations, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and showing up to events. He said, “We won those campaigns because of the style and I think we have a really good shot at winning this campaign.”

The Democratic Primary in 2018 will be on June 19 and DC has closed Primaries, so voters need to be registered as a Democrat to vote. For more information on Lowery’s City Council At-Large Campaign visit http://jeremiah2018.com.


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