(Highlights) Fighting for Social Justice Panel


    This is Rhys Baker reporting for TATM News from Brand New Summit in Washington D.C. The conference is a showcase of 20 candidates selected by Brand New Congress to run for Federal Office.

    The Fight for Social Justice: Protecting the Rights of Marginalized People in the Age of Trump. Featuring Issy Allison (BNC President), TATM Journalist Paula Martinez-Benge, Anthony Clark (candidate IL-07), Cori Bush (candidate MO-01), and Vanessa Asia Candidate (TX-12)

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    Rhys Baker

    Rhys is a Washington D.C. reporter. He is mad as hell that humanity is not responding to climate change, or racial and gender injustices in a meaningful way. He reports from the capital because he wants to bring attention to the people, organizations, and movements who are overturning historical oppressions one action, march, rally or campaign at a time.