Gov Cuomos Buffalo Billion GENTRIFIES & POISONS citizens


    Gov Cuomos Buffalo Billion gentrifies and poisons residence while favoring corporate donors. Cuomos Medical Campuses and high end condos are pushing out local resident of Buffalo NY from their homes. Leaving many homeless or in neighbourhoods where they are not welcome. Forcing them to lose their jobs.  Cuomo and Mayor Byron Brown are also completely ignoring the lead crisis in Buffalo NY.  As PUSH Buffalos John Washington says in this interview. “ they want all of the poor people out of the city in the easiest way to do that is to poison them”. …………… Jan. 5, 2012: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announces vague $1 billion economic development pledge for Buffalo over five years as part of the State Address. Will include cash, tax incentives and low-cost power. First $100 million included in state budget. September 2015: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara begins federal probe into Buffalo Billion, with subpoenas issued to LPCiminelli, McGuire, SUNY and ESDC for information. Both LPCiminelli and McGuire deny they are targets of probe. Cuomo said he has not been subpoenaed, either. April 29, 2016: Cuomo’s office receives subpoenas from Bharara in criminal probe focused on Buffalo Billion, Cuomo’s former executive deputy secretary Joseph Percoco and lobbyist Todd Howe. Cuomo orders review of Buffalo Billion program amid questions of “improper lobbying and undisclosed conflicts of interest” that may involve fraud. SolarCity also received requests for information. Sept. 22, 2016: Bharara announces the arrest of nine people related to his statewide public corruption probe, including SUNY Polytechnic Institute President Alain Kaloyeros, Percoco, Howe, Louis P. Ciminelli and two other LPCiminelli executives, and two executives of COR Development, a Syracuse area firm that was one of Cuomo’s biggest contributors and which received state contracts from Cuomo’s administration.

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