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Flint Official Who Blamed “Ni**ers Not Paying Their Bills” for Water Crisis Resigns


Phil Stair, the sales manager for Genesee County Land Bank who was caught on tape blaming “ni**ers not paying their bills” for the Flint water crisis, has resigned, Truth Against The Machine has learned.

Michele Waldman, who is executive director for the Land Bank, announced his resignation on Monday morning.

As TATM exclusively reported, Stair told environmental activist and independent journalist Chelsea Lyons:

“Flint has the same problems as Detroit—fucking ni**ers don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them,” Stair, the now-former sales manager for the Genesee County Land Bank, said on May 26th during Lyons in Flint.

After making the controversial comments, Stair’s attempted to backtrack slightly.

“I don’t want to call them ni**ers, shit I just went to Myrtle Beach, 24 guys, and I was the only white guy; I got friends, I mean, there’s trash and there’s people that do this shit. They just don’t pay their bills. Well, Detroit, didn’t collect on their bills, so they charged everybody else, but- Flint- Flint had to pay their bill to Detroit.”

Despite Stair’s resignation, more questions come to mind regarding how the Land Bank operates. According to Stair, the Land Bank went after “derelict motherfuckers” on the east side—aka poor people and minorities—who are now on the South Side “destroying that.”

Talking to dozens and dozens of residents in Flint, the Land Bank has become synonymous for the “Land Grab”—state and local officials not-so-subtle attempt to drive out poor residents from the once vibrant middle class city of Flint and then gentrify it to lure in wealthier individuals and investors.

More of Stair’s comments support residents’ suspicions as he criticized the “Fuckin’ deadbeats” ruining homes in Flint and then moving on to other areas to do the same

“Fuckin’ deadbeats, who, when they tear the houses down, they gotta go somewhere, they go on the south side,” he had told Lyons. “It just shifts- it just shifts the shit. The people are still the people, they fucked the houses up, then they leave and when we tear em down, they just go somewhere else and just fuck those houses up. I bought my house for $23,000 dollars in 1981, and they sold that house right there for $4,000 dollars about four years ago. So, 30 years it didn’t… but… it doesn’t owe me anything.”

You can read TATM’s Original Exclusive of Stair’s audio HERE.

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  1. He has put countless people of all races, who never dreamed they could own a home, into their very own home… The land bank looks to improve the community. Some parcels may be sold to larger entities, but the majority of salvageable homes/buildings are sold to the public. Most the homes, are completely stripped… Your source info cannot be more wrong… Being a Flint resident, I’ve seen the people who are able to get a home, and are very appreciative.. Lying to get a story is some yellow journalism…

  2. LOL @ Sam Bush… “yellow journalism”

    You’re expecting us to be stupid, aren’t you? Sub-par troll attempt.

    As to the article, I think it’s illuminating yet not surprising to hear that this guy spews all this hate. This fool’s anti-poor rhetoric equate to such craven inhumanity –and look at where he was situated in this company Sam Bush is fake defending.

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