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Far-Right Group Infiltrates “Defeat the Confederacy” Protest


On Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, Black Lives Matter-Houston (BLM) hosted an event to bring attention to the “Spirit of the Confederacy” statue that sits in Sam Houston Park, Houston, Texas. The event had BLM barricaded on one side and pro-confederacy groups on the other side with cops between them. Houston Police Department (HPD) allowed Three Percenters to walk in the BLM group carrying signs saying “Kill White People.”

Three Percenters, also known as 3%ers, III%ers, or “Threepers,” are a paramilitary group part of the Patriot Movement on the far-right. This group pledges armed resistance against attempts to restrict private gun ownership, and supporters have been associated with threats and acts of violence.

Like shown in the video, they wear skull symbols to represent their group. How is it that HPD can recognize gang symbols but can’t recognize a far-right terrorist symbol?

During the event, as seen in the video above, I tried to go on the opposing side to get an interview and to figure out which far-right activist groups were present. I was met with hostility along with immediately being escorted by HPD. Meanwhile, also seen in the video above, HPD allowed Three Percenters to travel freely among the BLM side with the media no where in sight.

It wasn’t until BLM activists spotted the Three Percenters and brought it to HPD’s attention that HPD asked the Three Percenters to rip up their “Kill White People” signs since it incited violence. HPD escorted the Three Percenters out of the BLM’s side and back to their side.

Leading up to the event, Texas Freedom Force, released a press release saying the event is a “false flag promoted by the oppositional leftist organizations to create chaos and to widen the racial divide.”

Perhaps, as a result of the press release, there were not very many people who showed up to the opposing side.


One day after the protest, Aug. 20, Houston BLM leader Ashton P. Woods, was threatened by a fake Texas Antifa Facebook page.









Following the protest and these threats, Andrew Schneck tried to bomb the Richard Dowling statue near the entrance to Hermann Park Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, in Houston.

Schneck had two boxes filled with a homemade detonator, a timer, wiring, a battery, a bottle of nitroglycerin and an explosive organic compound known as HMTD, hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, according to the sworn statement by Federal Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Patrick Hutchinson.

As these demonstrations become more common place, it is imperative to know who the far-right groups are and what symbols they use to represent themselves. Especially since the media and the police don’t seem to have a clue.

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