Faceapp makes us all old


This mobile program leaves its users looking very old! For days, FaceApp has been topping the charts for the most popular apps, millions of downloads. Even many celebrities have aged from the program to photos for decades. But what sounds like a harmless fun, now calls politicians and privacy advocates on the plan!

What is FaceApp doing? With the help of sophisticated artificial intelligence, the program makes faces on photos look either much older or younger. For this, the image is loaded onto an Internet server, transformed and sent back to the mobile phone.

Faceapp younger Effect
Faceapp younger Effect

If you install the Android version of the app, you will not be told that the photos are leaving the device for editing. In the iPhone version of FaceApp recently appears an indication that the images are sent for conversion to the cloud.

According to the FaceApp operator’s uploaded photos are temporarily stored in the cloud, because there is a higher computing power than on the devices of the users available. Also, one wants to avoid that a photo must be retransmitted for each processing. Most pictures on servers will be deleted within 48 hours, according to the operator.

The 2017 program was published by the company Wireless Lab – which is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Those who are economically successful there often have close ties to the Russian state. Therefore, the concern grows, what happens with the uploaded data!

Faceapp Effect
Faceapp Effect

Democrats in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, demand that the FBI federal police scrutinize the app. “It would be disconcerting if the sensitive personal information of US citizens were made available to a hostile foreign power that is actively involved in cyberattacks against the United States,” Schumer said via Twitter. The FBI needed to investigate whether US citizens’ data got into the hands of the Russian government or its affiliates.

Is Putin behind FaceApp? So far, there is no evidence for it. Company boss and founder Yaroslav Goncharov told to an known site that there are no links between Wireless Lab and the Russian government, the Russian secret service or other authorities: “No connections, no financing, no projects.”

The French security expert Baptiste Robert (called Twitter Elliot Alderson), who analyzed FaceApp, confirmed : “There are no indications that the photos will be sent to Russia.” FaceApp leases itself Internet server at the service provider Amazon Web Services, whose data centers are distributed worldwide.

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