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DOJ To Pay $15 Million To NoDAPL Police


The Federal Government has allocated $15 million to the State of North Dakota to help pay for the months of violent police brutality against peaceful water protectors protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

You heard that right, folks: our government is rewarding the unnecessary force of militant police officers, who permanently maimed indigenous peoples and their allies for protecting their main source of drinking water from an inevitable oil spill. The strong will of the protesters were also fueled by hundreds of years’ worth of resentment over the way Native Americans have been treated since European immigrants took over their lands–and now, they were unjustly brutalized for protecting their federally-protected lands.

Senator Joe Hoeven (R-ND) released a statement Monday, confirming that the Federal Government will put a dent in law enforcement-related costs.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I’ve worked to secure funding in the Department of Justice budget that states and localities can apply for to defer costs for emergency law enforcement situations, including the Dakota Access Pipeline protests,” said Hoeven. “This should enable North Dakota to get up to $15 million from the Fiscal Year 2017 budget to help defer the costs associated with that law enforcement effort.”

If not for the most stubborn of the wealthy elite in the fossil fuel industry, who wanted to build another useless and outdated pipeline, there wouldn’t have been any protests. If not for overcharged, exaggerated “emergency law enforcement efforts” against the peaceful protestors, the state would not be looking at their total bill of $33 million. If our government had intervened sooner in stopping or re-routing the pipeline, no one would have to foot a bill for any of this nonsense.

Carly Hammond reports: