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Death of Democracy: The Final Bullet Fired At Standing Rock


There I stood, feet entrenched in mud and wetness, rubber bullets swarming above and around me, the harrowing sound of screams as water protectors’ pupils burned from the searing effect of pepper spray and tear gas unleashed within inches of their face.

No, the unarmed, peaceful water protectors I was covering at Turtle Island next to Oceti Sakowin camp weren’t up against Nazis, or Al Qaeda, a band of confederate soldiers, or sleazy bandits.

It was North Dakota police officers shooting at and gassing them.

On November 20th, 2016, it was North Dakota police officers, with assistance from the local fire department, that unleashed freezing water on unarmed water protectors in 26-degree temperature along with rubber bullets, tear gas, and grenades.

Sophia Wilansky nearly had her arm maimed from a grenade shot by police—and will never have close to full feeling again. Vanessa Dundon, a vibrant indigenous woman, lost eyesight in one eye from tear gas shot 15 feet from her face (some of her sight has fortunately returned).

Hundreds experienced hypothermia; hundreds more severe respiratory issues like a severe cough. This isn’t to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of water protectors with PTSD issues related to being terrorized by the very people whom we were taught are supposed to be our protectors.

And, as if we’re living in some dystopian Orwell novel, the very villainous government forces that worked with private mercenaries to pound the populace into submission are now asking the federal government to pay them for it.

Yes, you read that right.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who was not yet Governor as the ND police force racked up tens of millions in overtime and militarized police weaponry costs, is asking President Trump for $38 million in reimbursement for, get this, the “intentional human-made disasters” that “underscored the changing nature of protests in America.”

The Governor is right about one thing: there was a human-made disaster—caused by an unholy alliance between a corrupt oil company and a lacking-moral-and-ethical-compass police department who put job security and pay before country (and I know this tension existed because I spoke off the record with several of them).

The Governor went on to say: “Passionate causes, millions of dollars of anonymous protest funding (over $13.5 million in GoFundme.com alone) and sophisticated and inflammatory social media campaigns have forever changed the nature, duration, and reach of unlawful protests,” he wrote in a letter to the president.

Translated: these damn Indians and their smelly, jobless, hippie comrades need to learn a lesson before they try and impede us from cashing our oil checks at the big banks sponsoring our heist. If they do it again, we’ll shoot even more bullets, unleash even more gas, and the federal government will be there to supply the check.

Meaning, you, the brutalized citizenry having your first amendment erased, will be paying for your own victimization.

And the establishment scoffs when we say we don’t live in a Democracy.

But the scandal is already underway: as part of the new Trump-ness monster budget, North Dakota will already receive $15 million in federal funding to help “reimburse the state for costs incurred” as a result of DAPL protests.

The “emergency law enforcement” funding will come from the Department of Justice budget; the same DOJ currently prosecuting an American citizen for the high crime of laughing at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

YELL IT WITH ME: Is this America or Nazi Germany!


The corporate media doesn’t care about this story because it’s indigenous people and progressives who were assaulted and will continue to be assaulted; and since the corporations who pay for their makeup and mansions don’t give a shit about those folks, the story just never happened and nothing to see here.

But, for the average pro-oil and authoritarian government troll reading and already typing up drivel: what happens when the tables are turned and the government, in service to corporate criminals, turns against what’s holy and sacred to you?

What happens the day there’s a more deadly weapon invented than guns, making the AR-15 obsolete, and corporate America enlists its politicians and police departments to assault gun owners in service of catapulting the new, more deadly weapon to market leader status?

What happens when Trump, or whatever neoliberal and/or extremist Republican leader comes next, decides all this blue-collar, progressive AND Republican outrage at the corporate-written-trade “deals” that have sold America to the lowest bidder must stop because it’s hurting the corporate bottom line?

Think they’re going to bring roses and feathers while you protest?

For nearly two years, I’ve heard from the brain dead citizens labeled “journalists” on television that we “cannot normalize Donald Trump’s racism.”

I agree.

The fatal flaw: by focusing your audience’s attention entirely on that, and ignoring abuses of government, police—hell, humanity—you are normalizing fascism.

I don’t know about you, but I will not live in a country where right and wrong no longer matters; where fact or lie no longer matters, where planet vs profit no longer matters.

So, what are you going to do?

Department of Justice: 202-514-2000; 202-353-1555
ND Governor Doug Burgum: 701-328-2200
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: (202) 224-6542
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-4965
White House: 202-456-1111; 202-456-1111
House Budget Committee: 202-226:7270; budget.republicans@mail.house.gov
ACLU: 212-549-2500


  1. Brutality at Standing Rock was Obama’s watch & policy. Trump will make it “bigger, better, the best” and we should all be very, very concerned. Congress sat silent because they, too, are filling their bank accounts with the money from these oil companies, pipelines, and frackers. Until a raid on congress takes place and all the corruption is taken to trial, we will have a difficult time making positive change in this country. We haven’t had an administration that cared about the people for decades now. They do what they want, and ignore the protests. Obama didn’t back down until there would be minimal disruption to pipeline construction before Trump would come in and undo his orders.

  2. The sooner people understand the better. Our government is bought and paid for by big corporations. They can talk all the shit they want you to hear, but at the end of the day, they do what the corporations pay them to do.

  3. I’m really trying to keep it together but that son of a bitch for a sheriff and his underlings should be in jail! Every day, it was control this, control that and in reality he had NO self control! No ability or desire to talk, just an agenda fueled by greed! That doesn’t make you a cop- that makes you a scumbag! As far as I’m concerned every well intended, law abiding cop injured or killed in the line of duty since your mishandling of peaceful Americans in protest- you caused a whole lot of bad feelings and have blood on your hands. There’s NO law enforcement body anywhere that supports your command decisions! The guy is a piece of shit and America realizes it now! BTW, I used to wear a badge and if you abused citizens like that in MY presence, on duty- I’d shoot you myself! The man (sic) truly is a scourge on society- the worst mankind could offer!

  4. It is reprehensible that these men have committed criminal violence and undeniable cruelty against their brothers on this planet. I use the term men in regard only to describe the physical age for to ascribe any other qualities that men true to our heritage would display would be a lie as none exist in this group of “law enforcement” officers. When I think of what these officers did in Standing Rock, many words come to mind. Words such as unrighteous, coward, liars, traitors, despicable, detestable, contempt are all applicable in this situation. They are a shame to all that is good, just, right and worthy of honor. They deserve absolutely nothing but our contempt and their pictures should be posted on an internet “Board of Shame” designed specifically to heap the scorn and humiliation upon them they deserve. I think their faces should become familiar to the real men of this country so if these pussies ever show their faces again outside the protection of their bullshit sisterhood, they can be given their due, reward them for their bravery in kind. Bastard children worthy of contempt and headed for the judgment of the Lord. If I were them, I would be afraid.

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