Corporate Con Job: How Mainstream Media Aids the Oligarchy

In “Corporate Con Job: How The Mainstream Media Aids the Oligarchy”, journalist Jordan Chariton weaves never-before-told, behind-the-scenes experiences covering historic movements, such as the Bernie Sanders campaign and Standing Rock – as well as more sinisterly historic ones, like the Trump campaign — with a detailed condemnation of a corporate media that has abdicated serving the people in favor of plutocrats. He names names, reveals what drives him, and issues a stirring call to action for what progressive news consumers around the globe can do to demand and achieve change.
Jordan will be releasing chapters in real-time as he writes. He wants everyone to be able to read, so he’s established a donation tab where you can pay whatever you’d like per chapter using PayPal.

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The Introduction and Chapter 1 (How Corporate Media BERNED Down Our Future) are available now!


“Jordan Chariton is the journalist truth-teller of our time. He uses his craft to report on and give voice to the concerns of humanity. From his coverage on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; the environmental emergency at Standing Rock in North Dakota; to exposing the crushing consequences of unemployment and underemployment on the working poor and middle class in places like Elkhart, Indiana — Jordan challenges us all to see the world through the eyes of our sisters and brothers.”
Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator

“There is no other journalist I trust more to take on the media and political establishment than Jordan Chariton. His groundbreaking from the front lines of Standing Rock captivated millions and forced other media outlets, as well as the world, to pay attention. While covering stories the corporate media would never touch, Chariton infuses a strong dose of unabashed progressive activism into his approach to journalism that provides people with a front row seat to the pain and suffering of the most oppressed citizens of our country. He offers his audience a chance to become invested in the stories and empowers them to play their own part in the political revolution.”
Armand Aviram, Media Producer for Senator Bernie Sanders

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