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Bernie Heads to the Suburbs


Senator Bernie Sanders paid a visit to the western suburbs of Chicago earlier this week, on Tuesday, August 30th. The former presidential candidate is currently touring the country to promote various causes, making stops in Naperville and Aurora to promote his latest book, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.

Sanders first visited the sophomores of Naperville School District 203 to discuss the importance of caring about politics. In this event (which was closed to the public), Sanders captivated the minds of nearly 800 Government and AP Government students. The sophomores were given the opportunity to both express their opinions on issues and to ask the Senator any questions that may have been floating around in their heads.

Sanders then spent the evening at the Paramount Theater in Aurora at an event hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop, the second time Sanders has teamed up with the bookstore in the past nine months. Supporters from around the Chicagoland area filled the theater of 1885 seats to near capacity, with only a few open seats scattered throughout the crowd.

Supporters wait to hear Bernie Sanders speak at the Paramount Theater. Photo credit Jacob Sutherland

The Senator began the evening by addressing Hurricane Harvey and the efforts underway in Texas. “What you’re seeing people do,” Sanders said, “is what we do best when we are proud Americans: people coming together to address the crisis.” He then continued on to address the issues he touches on in his book, including immigration, the minimum wage, and racism and bigotry.

Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is a book geared towards high school and college students who have passion for issues but do not necessarily know of outlets to further their causes. The book shows what issues are currently pertinent and how to address said issues to create tangible change. As Bernie put it in the introduction to the book: “What this book is about is converting that idealism and generosity of spirit into political activity.” Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is currently available in book retailers nationwide.

Photo credit Jacob Sutherland

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