Alt-Right Rally at the US Capitol Highlights


    Prominent members of the Alt-Right announced a rally on Twitter on Saturday, Dec. 2. Both Richard Spencer, the infamous, and Mike Enoch, another far-right blogger and propagandist, tweeted their intentions to hold the rally.
    Rhys Baker is reporting from the White House at the meeting of the anti-immigrant rally and a counterprotest from the DC community intended to drown out the speakers.
    The alt-right rally will apparently be about the case of Kate Steinle who was murdered by an immigrant in San Francisco. Mike Enoch tweeted that the purpose of the rally was, “to protest the #KateSteinle verdict and America’s anti-white activist judicial and immigration system. This is not just an alt-right demo. All people of all groups that want to stand for whites are welcome.”

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    Rhys Baker

    Rhys is a Washington D.C. reporter. He is mad as hell that humanity is not responding to climate change, or racial and gender injustices in a meaningful way. He reports from the capital because he wants to bring attention to the people, organizations, and movements who are overturning historical oppressions one action, march, rally or campaign at a time.