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Why is the ACLU pro-Citizen’s United?


Truth Against the Machine’s Walker Bragman takes on the ACLU for protecting Citizen’s United.

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  1. Walker,

    We had this corporate personhood problem long before Citizen’s United. (Its always been my understanding that the corporate personhood case was Santa Clara Co. v. South. Pac. Railroad, 118 US 394 – Supreme Court 1886 – which you can find – among other places, at https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=14042808988189544480 was where we went wrong on corporate personhood.

    That case was edited by a activist court clerk, in its notes, and evidence has emerged that the actual intent of the court was not what he wrote.

    Additionally, “we have a bigger problem now” in the form of supranational “global economic governance” institutions which supersede national laws and commonly tell governments what to do in matters of economic importance to corporations. They have effectively been busy setting up a government above nations that captures every deregulatory change (such as privatization) making them to all intents and purposes impossible to reverse except at tremendous cost. For that reason, once a service sector has been deregulated, if any multinational firms are involved in it, it wont help as much as it seems people think it will, to attempt to address money in politics until the greater problem of trade agreements – (like the 1994 General Agreement on Trade in Services) which bit by bit operate in the background to take large chunks of policy off the table, is addressed. That problem has much more urgency to it. Also, I think its safe to say that our current government is so corrupt that until its cleaned up we should be EXTREMELY careful of making any fundamental changes because the probability is – because of an almost complete “state capture” at this point, as well as the trade agreement which ratchet in certain kinds of pro-corporate changes – which some domestic laws in member countries, like Obamacare for a time, which violated a 1998 standstill, are allowed to violate – in part in order to make the people think that legally things are better than they in fact are- We have to get that out into the open so people realize it. Otherwise everything we do is likely to be a trick. Both parties are completely captured and GATS – the creating of one way lock-ins in policy is driving GOP policy right now. Everything they are doing is a race against the people to lock us in before people figure this out. The media is literally 100% captured at this point. You are never going to read the truth in the media in the US. In order to read about these issues you have to read the media outside of the US.

    Where does the ACLU fit into this? I don’t know, it might be wise to ask them and see what kind of responses you get. Just like I have tried very hard not to jump to conclusions about other self styled progressive organizations when their actions seemed much less progressive than they would have us think they were, I think the best course is honesty and direct questioning in a public forum. Suppose they are captured. The core of capture is secrecy. Getting questions out in the open will prevent them from being able to bring us farther down the rabbit hole of deception. As the AIDS activists said years ago Silence=Death. Why dont you send an open letter to the ACLU asking for their cut on your questions? They should be willing to answer. If not, ask again. If a few attempts are rebuffed, try to reach out personally to their staff. If they don’t engage or if you have a feeling they are being evasive. Then its possible a problem exists.

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