5,000,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Spilled into Naugatuck River


    Signs posted around the Naugatuck river say “potentially” contaminated water. With football sized chunks of human waste, used condoms and tampons floating around, it’s more like a definite.
    Their remained no signs of aquatic life near the sight of the spill and no telling how long it will take to return. The river came back to life after decades of industrial pollution with a lot of hard work. People who helped with previous cleanups are devastated this happened.
    The water treatment plant in the south end of Waterbury, CT was having a 9 million dollar upgrade performed when a power line was cut, causing the facility’s parking lot to begin flooding. Although the plant has generators for backup power, the fuse was blown. With the parking lot flooding and the facility about to take on water, someone decided to open a valve and release millions of gallons of raw sewage directly into the Naugatuck river.

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    Eric Bierce

    Contributing from Waterbury, CT. I’m passionate about social justice and human rights. I enjoy telling the truth as I see it, without apology. You might find me playing Ukulele on my patio when I’m not distracted by the political madness.