The End of Oceti – Photo Essay

Our photographer Samuel McMullen captures the last moments before the main camp at Standing Rock was raided by police from around the country.



Structures burned throughout the night the day before the raid by federal, out of state, and local forces on February 23rd.


Campers part ways before the anticipated raid of Oceti Sakowin Camp.  Those willing and able to take a felony trespass charge took a stand.

3Preserving Dignity

Many chose to burn their structures rather than let them be desecrated as the police advanced on camp.

4The Last to Leave

Finally the last truckload of campers leave under eminent police threat.

5Beginning of the End

Police departments from around the country made the trip to participate in the final raid of Oceti.


Lone water protector flies flags as police line up outside camp gaits.

7The Veteran

One of the only veterans to stay behind takes a powerful stand against a corporatized America.

8Face Off

A small band of water protectors, journalists, and veterans face an outsize police presence.

9Camp Burns

The morning of the raid.


  1. I’ll be more than happy to work for you for free obviously brother. I’ve got time on my hands and I’m into helping people from not getting taken advantage of especially by those out at Standing Rock. Whatever you need me to do or would like I’m fascinated by the media and wanting to expose scumbags for the truth.

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